Floyd Rutter

Floyd Rutter found himself needing extended care after suffering a fall at home. He chose VibraLife, and upon arrival, he required assistance with self-care and could only walk about ten feet. His mobility was severely affected due to pain in his left knee.

With the help of his care team, Floyd worked through pain management and intensive therapy. Because of his hard work and dedication, Floyd saw great progress. In less than a month at VibraLife, the pain in his knee went from an 8/10 to 2/10. He can now walk 50 feet and is independent with all self-care.

Floyd looks forward to returning home and getting back to his everyday life. He is thankful for the wonderful staff and the help he received from his therapists throughout his recovery. Everyone here at VibraLife is proud of Floyd’s progression, and we are grateful to see him return home with a smile.