Regina Nalesnik

Before coming to VibraLife, Regina Nalesnik experienced pain in her right knee. She attempted to go the route of non-operative pain management but didn’t see any results. With no progress, she elected for knee replacement surgery, hoping to get closer to pain-free living. After her surgery, she chose to come to VibraLife to focus on her recovery.

When Regina first arrived, she suffered intense pain at a level nine and could only bear to walk ten feet. She also needed assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) that required her to use her lower body. Even with all the challenges her pain presented, she stayed strong and focused.

Because of her persistence and hard work in therapy, Regina returned home, now walking 90 feet! Her pain level decreased to a five out of ten, allowing her to independently complete all her ADLs. The VibraLife staff is so proud of Regina’s progress and wishes her luck in her continued recovery.